Flower Beds - More than Flowers

Posted on March 28, 2017

Flower beds seem to be fading a little in popularity these days as many families have less space and more time restraints. Container gardening using a variety of flower pots is now a common choice. I love flower pots of every shape and size, and I love planting flowers in things that are not flower pots, but there are few things in my gardening world that give me more pleasure then digging in the dirt in my flower beds.

Some of my flower beds have been planted for nearly 30 years now. I’ve added plants, moved plants, plants have died and new ones replaced them. My flower beds usually consist of a foundation of perennials with annuals added in for constant pops of color throughout the summer. There is always a new annual I want to add and by changing them each year it keeps the beds more interesting.

My flower beds hold fond memories for me. Many of them were planted with the help of my three sons. We’ve hauled load after load of soil, compost and bark. Lugged huge rocks for perfect placement in those beds and spent countless hours weeding them while we discussed the latest events in our lives.

On one very hot summer day we placed garden blocks around one of my very first flower beds. The events of that day which included claims of heat stroke with dramatic falls to the ground, backyard water hose fights and lastly, promises of root beer floats finally got the task done. Recollection of that day can still make the four of us laugh so hard it brings me to tears.

I miss those days, but like my flower beds my boys have grown and are bursting with new endeavors. Meanwhile, I’m excited to see new growth this year as perennials burst through the soil and buds pop on bushes. I enjoy taking a little stroll down memory lane and take pride in plants that have weathered the years and now flourish with new growth.

So I encourage you to find a space for that flower bed. Spend the time digging in the dirt and dreaming of the results of your hard work. Be sure to include your children or grandchildren if you can and you may find that you are planting more than flowers.

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